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a masterclass for women missing a key mentor at work

The #1 factor in career velocity, avoiding burnout, and conquering imposter syndrome is having an awesome boss. But whether we’ve chosen entrepreneurship, or just have bad luck with bosses, we don’t always get to pick the perfect manager—and staying stuck is not an option.

BYOBoss is a group program for A-player women at all professional levels that will help you find solutions to your career challenges without relying on a great boss—whether it’s getting that raise, landing that job, or building the confidence you need for your own company to succeed. 

Do you feel like you’re missing a key mentor at work? Are you ready to get proactive in carving out your career path, creating your own opportunities, and advocating for yourself? 

BYOBoss will give you the tools and community you need to accelerate your career, facilitated by Becca’s expert coaching every step of the way. The program is designed to shake us out of our default-smiling, polished mode of interacting, and create space for real connection while learning how to make career moves with confidence—and how to be your own best boss, ever.

Your cohort will gather in a home once a week (the traditional sphere of female influence and power) and explore a new focus each time: 

  • Self-compassion is the way

  • Define your values

  • Own your story

  • Finding your flow

  • Choosing growth

  • Visualizing your path

  • and, my most popular module… “Fuck you, pay me!”