About Becca Camp


Hey there! I'm Becca. I'm a coach and product strategist in New York City. 

I come from a career of supporting startups and mid-size companies develop product strategies and implementation plans.

Over the past 5 years, I have co-founded and nurtured multiple mentorship communities focused on intimacy and transparency as a means of support, in the realms of both life and work.

I have coached executives at companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Williams-Sonoma, and Asana, helping them level up as managers, strategists, and communicators. 

At the heart of my coaching is the idea that happy, connected colleagues are the bedrock of successful companies. Leaders who shape their company culture from a confident, transparent place maximize their organization's potential.

It all starts with the individual. Everyone person and organization has different needs, but sample services include:

  • Executive training for connected leadership

  • Designing and landing the Dream Job

  • Interview and salary negotiation training

  • Building strong relationships at work and at home