Becca Camp: Executive Coach and Strategist

Becca Camp



Our world is growing increasingly complex and interconnected.

An empathetic, wise, adaptive style of leadership is demanded of us if we want organizations and people to thrive.


Hello! I’m Becca Camp. I'm an executive coach and workshop facilitator in New York City.

I bring insight from nearly a decade working in product and operations in Silicon Valley.

Product is a rapidly-growing, expensive discipline that sits at a very influential hub at most technology companies; developing the talent at that hub can produce outsized positive results for organizations.

I specializes in helping product teams at growing companies achieve individual and team excellence through a variety of disciplines:

  • Interpersonal and relationship coaching

  • Management and product skill workshops

  • 1:1 coaching for executives and individual contributors

    Becca has worked with clients at Instagram, Glossier, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America, in addition to dozens of early-stage startup teams.





Casey W.

VP of Operations in NYC

"Becca was my champion and support through my entire job search--from initial conversations with prospective employers, all the way through negotiating the offer. Thanks to her guidance, we ended up quadrupling the equity in the package."


Nick McCracken

Architect, Bay Area

"Working with Becca has been a fantastic experience; from our first meeting, she helped me to structure my goals and achieve them in a way I never thought possible."


Beth Rubin

San Francisco

“Working with Becca has granted me so much confidence in the skills that I already have and in my capacity to gain new skills efficiently. Becca possesses a remarkable ability to simultaneously demystify *and* infuse wonder into the process of professional development: alongside clear, tactical, and empirical guidance, she imbues creativity and intuition into our sessions together. Becca has helped me see the possibilities that exist on the path ahead, which is invaluable.”


Kelsey Aroian

Co-Founder, Paladar Studio

“Smart women have a world of options at their feet, but we can’t expect to navigate it alone. Becca has been instrumental in helping me use my values as a compass.”

1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching is the best choice for people who have decided it's time to hop in the driver's seat, and hit the gas. Experience structured, compassionate individual coaching sessions with me in person, by phone, or by remote video conference, and watch your career come into bloom!


My customized workshops promote mastery in specific parts of the product domain, through a coaching and personal development lens.

Leave each 2 hour session with a concrete new skill:

  • Mission and Vision Alignment

  • Active Listening

  • How to Ship Like a Learning Organization

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • get in touch for the full curriculum of courses!

360 Reviews

Partner with me to reboot your organization's strategy, culture, and goal-setting processes with comprehensive review.